We suggest you to install Juiker under the following environment:
- Operating system: iOS 9 and above

Currently unavailable for:

  • (1) iOS 8 and below
  • (2) Tablet device
  • (3) In order to enhance data safety protection measures, Juiker no longer supports root or refitted mobile phones.

We are very sorry, but Juiker currently only supports smart phones and not tablets.

  • (1) Cannot download Juiker App on the mobile phone:
    Please ensure the network connection status for the mobile phone (able to open up internet website) before downloading Juiker App.
    Please check whether your mobile phone has sufficient storage volume.
  • (2) Cannot receive the verification code (or still could not receive the verification code even after selecting 【Resend】):
    Please check whether the mobile number you have entered in is correct or not. The SMS may sometimes be delivered late due to the influence of communication environment. You may select 【Resend Verification Code】, the system will immediately resend the SMS with the verification code. The valid period for the verification code is 30 minutes; please enter within the period for it to be effective.