Juiker Green Membership

  • 1. Install and register Juiker App, you are Green member immediately.
  • 2. Make free internet calls and free IM to all Juiker members.

 Juiker Gold Membership

  • 1. Include Green member's privileges.
  • 2. Exclusive to make online-offline call via call back system.

 Juiker Silver Membership

  • 1. Integrate deskphone and IP phone into Juiker System.
  • 2. Make free internet calls to all Juiker members.
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 Available for promo international call

  • 1. Represents the contact person can be reachable via Juiker free call.

** Free international calling is a time limited promotion. Juiker reserves the right to cancel or amend this offer.
** Free Juiker calls is limited in domestic. You will be charged from your telecom when roaming.

Juiker Gold Membership is currently only available for application by enterprise members, who will immediately own the rights of Juiker Gold Membership once the verification has been approved (Juiker reserves the verification rights; please refer to 【Membership】 on Juiker’s official website for Gold Membership rights.)

Please proceed with the application at the Enterprise Section on Juiker’s official website 「」. We will have personnel contacting you when we have received your application. Since each enterprise client features different conditions, we will have dedicated personnel to assist you in the evaluation and implementation for your company’s individual case..

Juiker’s data protection system provides not only privacy code for Settings, but further follows the safety protection techniques of internet banking, providing safe messages as well as voice coding system for intranet calls, offering more guarantee to your privacy and keeping the important personal data as well as Messages from leaking out!

1. Request a report

  • Go to Juiker APP > Other... > Settings >My Juiker > Account Information > Request account info
  • The report will be available in 7 days after the date you requested it. Your request will be canceled if you request to delete your account. You have to register App and request the report again.

2. Export a report

  • When the report is available, you'll be notified. You can go to Juiker App > Other... > Settings >My Juiker > Account > Export account info > share to other Apps or devices
  • A ZIP file will be downloaded to your phone. The ZIP file includes an HTML file that is easy to view.


  • The report excludes your chat history. If you need to export your chat history, please find more in FAQ> Juiker messages > How do I save the chat messages?
  • Once requested, you can't cancel or undo it.
  • You have to export the report by expiry date (The Request account info page will tell you how much time you have to download)
  • You'll be unable to view the report in Juiker App. Please export the report to any of the external applications . Please be aware that the report has your personal information, you should be careful when you share this to any person, Apps and devices.