• 1.Please go to 【Messages】 Click on the【+】>【Broadcast】
  • 2.Enter messages in the Messages row.
  • 3.Tick your desired target for【Broadcast】>【Confirm】
  • The upper limit for group Messages is 200 people; you are welcome to make use of this function.
  • 1.Please go to 【Contacts】> 【Group】
  • 2.Click on the【+】 sign, tick your desired target for the group.
  • 3.Enter group name.
  • 4.Click on【 ✓ 】at the top right hand corner to complete the group set up.
  • Please go to Juiker 【Other…】>【Settings】> 【Chat Room Settings】> and adjust the font size for chat room messages.

    The free Messages service provided by Juiker requires both the sender and receiver to download Juiker in order for this function to work; if the target you desire to send messages to did not download Juiker, then the 【Free Juiker Messages】 will not be available.

    • The “Clock” next to the message sent represents the message is been sending out.
    • The “Sent” next to the message sent represents the message has already been transmitted to the server, but the receiver has not read it yet; possible reasons could be your Juiker friend has not read the Messages yet, or the member is no longer using Juiker App.
    • Click on the “No. of People Read” next to the message sent will show the list of members who have read the message.
    • The 【  】 next to the Messages sent represents the message has not been sent, it could be caused by your mobile phone’s poor network quality; you may attempt to resend or delete the messages record.

    Download: Please go to 【Other…】>【Juiker Stickers】to download your desired stickers.

    Delete: Just click on the 【  】 at the top right hand corner in 【Juiker Stickers】 to see all stickers you have downloaded so far, then delete using the 【Remove or Delete】 button on the right of the icon.

    • Sending photos or videos: Please go to the chat room window and click on the 【  】 sign at the bottom left hand corner, click on the sending options to further select the photos or videos desired to send.
    • For files other than photos or videos, such as PDF, docx and xlsx etc.: please open up that file first, click on the icon at the top right hand corner, select 【Open in Juiker】, further select the desired Juiker contact, chat room or group, then click on the 【Yes】 button to send.
    Note: The maximum allowed file size is 100 MB and the transmission speed will be restricted according to the user’s network bandwidth.
    • Photos: JPG and PNG formats.
    • Videos: mp4.
    • Documents: Word, PPT, Excel, PDF and compressed files.

    The text messages from【Juiker Free Messages】 in Juiker will be kept for 3 months, while 1 month for pictures. In order to avoid pictures from getting lost, it is suggested to save them to your mobile phone.

    To save chat history via Email.

    • 1.Open the chatroom you want to save.
    • 2.Click【...】in upper-right corner > Chatroom settings > Email Conversation