Please check whether the Juiker App Settings on your mobile phone is set to private reading address book. If yes, please unlock the Privacy Settings of Juiker on the mobile phone. Unlock procedure: Mobile phone 【Settings】>【Privacy】>【Contacts Data】> Juiker > Activate.
If the contacts still cannot be seen, please ensure the network connection, and go to Juiker App【Other…】>【Settings】> Rate Settings > then select 【Reorganize Contacts】, the system will then automatically complete the update.

Please ensure your version of Juiker is the latest, then go to Juiker App【Settings】 and select reorganize contacts to update Juiker address book to the latest status.
Please ensure the network connection, then go to the address book page of Juker App to update the contacts status by pulling down the screen.

When you select Juiker App under network connection, the system will immediately synchronize and update the contacts in your address book. If you want to receive the latest information on the contacts, iOS system users please update the contacts information by pulling the screen downwards while on the Juiker App Address Book page.
※ Enterprise address book data requires network connection for display.

Please go to the bottom right hand corner of Juiker and select 【Other…】> Uppermost Picture Area to start editing (you may take photos / select from albums). After completing the settings, your Juiker contacts will then be able to see your personal profile picture.

Since the source of the phone book can be multiple selected (e.g.: phone, SIM card, email accounts…etc.), if one contact person appears repeatedly in your different phone book sources, it will then appear repeatedly in Juiker App. You may view or reset the source data of your mobile phone contacts. After you have completed, go to Juiker App 【Other…】>【Settings】> 【Contacts Settings 】> then select the source of the contacts you desire to display.

Addition: Please go to the top right hand corner of Juiker contacts page and select 【+】sign to enter your friends’ data and contact method, then click on 【Complete】on the top right hand corner after entering to complete the addition, this contact person’s data will then be synchronized to your mobile phone contacts.

Delete: Since Juiker is unable to delete contacts directly, please go to the mobile phone address book contacts, select the contact person you desire to delete, enter the contact person’s page and select 【Edit】on the top right hand corner, then click on 【Delete Contacts Data】at the bottom of the page, this contact person will then be deleted altogether from the mobile phone contacts and Juiker contacts lists, please operate with caution.