Please make sure the 【Settings】>【Notification】>【Juiker】 of your mobile phone is listed in the 【Inclusive】 items; you may click on Juiker to set your desired notification approach. Secondly, make sure Juiker’s 【Pause Notifications】 is deactivated in order to receive the messages notifications.

You may go to Juiker App【Settings】>【Notification】>【Pause Notifications】 to activate or deactivate Juiker notification; you may also go to 【Edit】on the top right hand corner of the chat room >【Turn Off Notification】to activate or deactivate the group messages notification.

Juiker does not provide ringtone options for the users at the present.

If you wish to turn off the ringtone, you may turn off the【Notification】reminder function from 【Settings】>【Notification】>【Notifications】

Also, you can change ringtone from【Settings】>【Notification】>【Alert Tones】