You may follow the steps below:

  • 1.Download Juiker App first on your smart phone and complete the log in procedure; website for download is:
  • 2.Set up the password for Juiker widget using Juiker App on your mobile phone, please go to Juiker 【Other】>【Privacy】>【Set Password for Juiker widget】.
  • 3.Computer is connected to for the download, install Juiker widget following the steps.
  • 4.Enter mobile number and the password.
  • 5.Enter verification code to log in.
  • Please set the password using a combination of 8-20 characters of English letters and numerical numbers with distinguishable capitals and lower-cases.

    If you forgot the password for Juiker widget, please reset your password using Juiker App on your mobile phone;
    if you would like to change the password for your Juiker widget, please operate following the steps below:

  • 1.Please go to mobile phone’s Juiker App 【Other】>【Privacy】>【Set Password for Juiker widget】.
  • 2.After setting the password using the App in the mobile phone, go back to the computer, and enter the password to log in.
  • This is one of the measures to strengthen the usage safety for Juiker widget, ensuring those with bad intentions from logging in to your account. When you log in to Juiker widget on your computer for the first time and every 14 days, Juiker will send a set of verification code to your mobile phone’s Juiker App, please enter this set of verification code to the verification screen on your computer within 5 minutes.

    You may select the function of 【Start when Windows stars】when logging in to Juiker widget.

    If you wish for automatic log in when logging in to Juiker widget every time, you may select the option of 【Log in when Juiker Starts】 on the log-in screen.

    Please select Juiker widget’s 【Other】 and then select 【Log Out】.

    Juiker widget will log out automatically during the following circumstances:

  • 1.You have logged in to Juiker widget on other computer at the same time.
  • 2.You have changed the password for Juiker widget on the page of Juiker App【Other】>【Privacy Settings】>【Set Password for the Juiker widget】.
  • 3.You have deleted Juiker account.
  • 4.Your mobile phone’s Juiker account is logging in again with re-verification.
  • 5.Your computer is unable to connect to the network.
  • 6.The restriction setting (firewall) of the network for the region you are in does not support instant messaging software; please contact your network company / information personnel, or inquire to the organization which your network connection belongs to.
  • In order to enhance the usage safety, the same mobile number can only be used to log in one computer; once the same mobile number has been detected for log in on the second computer, Juiker on the first computer will be logged out automatically.